Mari Holden offers cycling philosophy and experience through her coaching and speaking.  Mari offers her clients an inspiring and motivating format to achieve their goals, while maintaining life

Through her involvement in the community of sport as well as the communities of her clients, Mari brings her world travels and seasoned professional level of competition as an athlete and manager to her clients.  Since accomplishing her own athletic goals, she changed her focus to bringing her athletic experience of team building, achieving milestones and sponsor/client relations to her coaching business. Not only Mari has earned the title of being one of the best cyclists in the world, she is an inspiring woman with life experience.

Her accolades include including multiple National Champion titles, a World Championship and an Olympic Silver medal.

Mari has sat on the Board of Directors at USA Cycling, the United States Cycling Federation, and as the cycling representative to the US Olympic Committee from 2000-2008.

Mari continues to inspire women to achieve in cycling and sports, finding confidence and motivation through goal setting and sports achievement.